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Yahoo answers cracked tooth molar

yahoo answers cracked tooth molar

The fracture originates on the occlusal surface and extends gingivally along a buccal or lingual groove and the mesial or distal marginal ridge.
What about tooth cracks?
Cracked Tooth, a cracked tooth means a crack extends from the chewing surface of your tooth vertically toward the root.
A split tooth cannot be saved intact.Tooth staining, trans illumination or wedging are techniques for sony prs-500 service manual assessing the extent of the crack.A crack in a floor: is someone going to trip and fall?Tooth cracks represent a day-to-day finding in our dental practices.It can be decided in the dentist office whether or not the tooth can be repaired or if an oral surgeon needs to be consulted.Sometimes the tooth looks fine, but it hurts only when you eat or when the temperature in your mouth changes (because you drank something hot or cold, for example).Do you need information about treatment or complications arising from problematic molars?

The chair may be glued and repaired.
A partial tooth is not better than no tooth for these reasons.
A cracked molar big or small can be a complication no one wants to deal with.The split may occur suddenly, but is typically the result of the long-term growth from an incomplete crack.The resultant tooth segment may be attached to the gingival tissues and be required to be removed.The dentists experience will play a role as to whether or not and to what extent the cracked tooth is maintained and restored.Trans-illumination provides clear observation of craze lines.Again, damaging habits, such as bruxism, parafunction, ice chewing, etc.There may be pre-existing pain with mastication, but not always.If you have a gum infection periodtitest you can also make matters worse.However, if the crack extends below the gum line, it is no longer treatable, and the tooth cannot be saved and will need to be extracted.There are many different types of cracked teeth.The micro-fractures are contained within the enamel only.