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Will make future price updates easier.
Texture is inverted by double-clicking the crack protected folder 1.2 panel or through its context menu.
Added odd sized parallel connectors for 20x30, 30x50 and 60x90 profiles Added Universal Grounding connectors Fixed intermittent wrong profile miter cut direction in exported CAD formats.Fixed "Door" save/load Implemented priceless BOM, uncheck "output with price" and click Create documentation in edit BOM Edited BOM saves to XML Edit BOM now has Insert/Append/Delete row context menu Added.62.84.The covercap does not move this distance and stays 'inside' the profile" Added "not all accessories shown" subheader to isometric view in BOM PDF to prevent questions Fixed crash in "boltless accessory" detection.4.9.1 January 26, 2015 Adjusted values when "Default" is pressed in the "Settings" dialog.Added rotation about the "primary" slot for accessories.When the length is exceeded, a new profile and extension connector are created.Several price updates for EU and USA Added 591 fasteners to the price list Updated hardware for casters with central hole Removed oblique connection possibility for zero slot profiles, VB3 and VB4 types.Fixed connector fastener creation/positioning issues when pressure plate/sliding/U-profile, etc.BOM PDF "Multiview" page now only shows profile measeurements, accessories are ignored.

Completely reimplemented "Enable Parallels" flag in Settings dialog.
Video Added a comment to BOM profile cross-bore details page indicating that all dimensions originate from the profile left end.
So there comes the run-time error 429.Telescopic profiles are now included in fastener and slot cover selection All available "scene properties" data is now included in "Review" emails.Added "Grounding connectors" option to "Toggle connectors" window.Door cross-member bug fix.5.3 February 27, 2014 Added render of accessories to "Isometric View" of the PDF BOM Removed fastener renders from BOM "Exploded View" Fixed export of cross-bushing bores for panel and wire sports visualizing physical geography 2nd edition.pdf profiles as well as their connector placement Safetied a crash.Roller track guides now also respect their max.Also resolved save/load issue for these seals.