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Manual for 1999 polaris magnum 500

Warning The engine exhaust from this product contains chemicals known to cause cancer, birth defects or other reproductive harm.
HOW TO avoidthe hazard Never attempt wheelies, jumps, or other stunts.
HOW TO avoidthe hazard Beginning and kasparov chessmate v1.0.14 crack inexperienced operators should complete the certified training course offered by Polaris.The safety alert symbol, on your ATV or in this manual, alerts you to the potential for personal injury.Operating without eye protection could result in an accident and could increase the chance of a severe injury in the event of an accident.This vehicle handles differently than other vehicles, such as motorcycles and cars.What CAN happen Carrying a passenger greatly reduces the operators ability to balance and control the ATV, which could cause an accident and injury to the operator and/or passenger.HOW TO avoidthe hazard Never consume alcohol or drugs before or while operating an ATV.Yourkey can be duplicated only by mating aPolaris key blank with oneofyour existing keys.HOW TO avoidthe hazard Always wear an approved helmet that fits properly.This is an adult vehicle only.

It contains important safety information.
56 noise emission control 74 maintenance AND lubrication.
5 vehicle identification numbers.
Consuming alcohol and/or drugs before or while operating an ATV could result in an accident causing severe injury or death.
S Always usethesizeand typeoftires specified foryourATV, and always maintain propertirepressure.What CAN happen The ATV could collide with another vehicle.In many states its illegal to operate ATVs on public streets, roads and highways.S Technicaltips S New productintroductions S Eventschedules S S Excitingdetails aboutThe WayOut Checkit out.S Always followproperprocedures forclimbing hills.What CAN happen Attempting stunts increases the chance of an accident, including an overturn.HOW TO avoidthe hazard Never operate the ATV on any public street, road or highway, including dirt and gravel roads.Removethesparekey and storeit in asafeplace.What CAN happen ATV tires are designed for off-road use.

S Neveroperatean ATVwithout properinstruction.
75 polaris recommended products.
If its unavoidable, travel slowly and avoid sudden turns or stops.