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Kat tun making of eng subs

Since most people here don't follow my afx sampler gen1 setup 32 bit personal blog, I figured I'd update the comm as well.
(Basically, you mention KT's anniversary in your post, it goes in this entry.
I've also gone through the membership applications, and.
Please limit the amount of images to 6-7 per comment max.Details Filename: KAT-TUN Break the Records Live Concert CD3 Format:.mp4 Resolution: 320180 Duration:.05.26 M Appearance: KAT-TUNs Members, Akanishi Jin Subs: English Hardsub Download Links: MF1 MF2.Meaning, if you have a post intended for browser based games like sims KAT-TUN's anniversary, it must be posted in this spam post.If you comment, you can be entered in going_gonin 's KT anniversary raffle!It's already March 22nd in Japan,.I received a nerve block in my neck last Wednesday, which has already improved my pain a lot.I was wondering if anyone knows if requests to join communities expire?Maybe they get deleted after about a month?

If things keep improving, like they are now, I should be back to the community soon too.
(Yes, there are actual prizes!) Please be sure to read the details/requirements.
O(o) (oo) (o)o, kAT-TUN's Debut Anniversary Week hanizawa_yuuki 's KT anniversary fanvid here pinkame0223 's KT wallpapers here hananochikai 's KT wallpapers here theyre_kattun 's KT animated group background banners b and the bear game masya here kazu_chan_love 's KT icons banners here marynasuke 's KT old videos DL post here.If you recently (say, the last three months or so) have applied for membership and haven't been accepted, please click join and let me know.I found that a lot of the older comments (almost all) could not be found in the membership request while the newer were almost all there.In the past I have had someone help me deal with applications, but they've been gone for quite a while as well, so if anyone is willing to help out with that, it would be great.If you're still unsure, please feel free to PM any of the mods w/ any questions.) Your post will then be mentioned in the daily Schedule News entry for the entirety of the anniversary week.I feel like having more people dealing with it, rather than just me by myself, is better especially during times like this when I can't be online, just to keep the community running.While I am not painfree now, it's very managable, and I have been back to work for two days now.Although my health for the past month or so has been really bad like unable to get out of bed or even do my own groceries bad.This includes fansubs, translations, graphics, etc etc.

Apparently they do get deleted after 30 days.
Please keep all anniversary related posts here.
KAT-TUN Nakamaru Yuichi denies dating Katase Nana, She is a dependable big sister KAT-TUNs Nakamaru Yuichi (29) graduated from Waseda Universitys School of Human Sciences (e-course) on 26th March and -Nakamaru Yuichis certificate- Credit : portofino27 sarah KAT-TUN is Love.