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Jeep cherokee brake manual transmission fluid

AMC/Jeep (P/N staad foundation advanced 6.0 crack ) Weatherstrip Silicone Spray Lubricant - SAE 10W-30 SH/CD is preferred.
Warranty covers Engine, Transmission, Transfer Case, and Drive Shaft/Drive Axle(s) for RWD 4WD.
Battery warning warning: When battery is disconnected, vehicles equipped with computers may lose memory data.
Diesel fuel requirements caution: All diesel engines are to use Diesel Fuel #2 when the outside temperature is above 20F (-7C).
Add 2 Ozs.Includes.3 Qts.Then refill with new synthetic lube.For models with the 42RLE transmissions, the sump filter will have to be replaced at every service.Never pour diesel fuel, flammable liquids or starting fluids into the air cleaner canister, air intake or turbocharger housing in an attempt to start the vehicle.10: Identification Label Locations Courtesy of American Motors Corp.

Open filter assembly vent valve (Black shaped knob) and drain cock.
Automatic Transmission 1984-86 (904 HD) Fluid Change.0 Qts.
Maintenance Interval edit Miles Change Oil and Filter Every 5,000 Check tire pressure Every 5,000 Inspect Ball Joints Every 10,000 Rotate tires Every 10,000 Change axle gear fluid Every 20,000 Change power steering fluid Every 25,000 Change air filter Every 25,000 Bleed brakes Every 50,000.
Replacing original tires with tires of a different size may result in false speedometer and odometer indications.
Service schedules are based on the following primary operating conditions: Severe Service * Short Trips (About 15 Miles) Cold Climate Operation Towing Or Heavily Loading Severe Dust Conditions Sustained High Speed Operation Off-Road Driving Hot Weather, Stop-And-Go Driving Extensive Idling Conditions (Taxi Or Delivery Type.Battery specifications caution: When battery is disconnected, vehicles equipped with computers may lose memory data.Some will display a warning label, but many will not.Always position wheel locking nut opposite valve stem in position indicated.Be sure to handle the fluid in clean containers that will not introduce even a slight amount of foreign liquids or particles.Halogen bulbs Halogen bulbs contain pressurized gas which may explode if overheated.12: Fuse Panel Identification Courtesy of American Motors Corp.Exhaust Valve Rocker Arms note: The number 1 (one) cylinder is located at the flywheel/drive plate end of the engine.(118ml) of gear oil with a friction modifier.Radiator CAP caution: Always disconnect the fan motor when working near the radiator fan.Model identification, vIN location, the Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) is located on the left side of the dash panel at the base of the windshield.8: Brake Caliper Lubrication Points Courtesy of American Motors Corp.Use low pressure grease gun to prevent seal damage.Engine OIL caution: Never use non-detergent or straight mineral oil.

This video shows you how to add transmission fluid to your 2005 Jeep Grand Cherokee.