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Inside greek terrorism george kassimeris.pdf

inside greek terrorism george kassimeris.pdf

"Greece: Bomb Kills Cabinet Minister's Assistant".
Stewart had been working at the crack f1 2010 pc ita United States Air Base at Hellenikon.
At the same time, 17N motives became more difficult to decipher.
Instead of delivering decent health care to patients, 17N declared, doctors ruthlessly exploited them.
"Gun used from Greek pasok shooting ised in past guerrilla attacks against police".Who let the junta torturers walk free?Irrespective of Rachiotiss readings and despite attempts by group members to justify their actions as an extension of a manhunt 2 full game historically defined Greek communist tradition and a quest for national independence and nationhood, 17N was never an authentic revolutionary group."Gunmen Slay Two In Greek Attack".Embassy in Athens Is Attacked".21 thens 2 - Small arms fire Neo-fascists - Private citizens property Two gunmen open fire on the offices of the Angeli Koussis Shipping and Tourism., killing two employees of the firm.

8 8 Seeking to link political activism, class conflict, and the armed struggle, the group released in April 1977 its manifesto, entitled, Appantissi sta Kommata kai tis Organosseis.
Soon after, from his hospital bed and apparently fearing for his life, Xiros gave the prosecutor in charge of the anti-terrorism investigation critical information that fuelled a chain reaction of arrests, leading in less than a month to the dismantling of the group which had.
"Blast In Greece Kills American".
"Gunmen kill Greek anti-terrorist policeman".Main article: 1985 Athens bar bombing 21 February 1985 Athens 2 - Small arms fire 17N (Marxist guerrillas) - Business Major Greek center-right press publisher and banker, Nikolaos Momferatos, is shot and killed by a gunman.17N saw the 1990-91 Gulf War against Iraq as a classic case of military aggression by the American imperialist machine.22 Kapsalakis attack communiqué, dated 1 February 1987.17Ns activity, he further argued, "had the very same characteristics with the activity of the Greek resistance." He did not attempt to present himself as a modern-day Aris Velouchiotis, the charismatic guerrilla leader and founder of elas (the Greek Peoples Liberation Army but it quickly.16 At the same time, vitriolic attacks on the pasok government continued unabated.To make the point clearer still, 17N said that more than "450 billion drachma.45 billion in tax revenues flew abroad each year" with disastrous effect on the population's living standards, as it undermined "the provision of essential public services such as education, health.Kassimeris, who teaches terrorism studies in Great Britain, has been researching the history of leftist political violence in post-1974 Greece for the past couple of decades and has written extensively on the topic.The 1974 transition, it has to be emphasized, was not the result of a clear and sharp break with the Colonels junta but the product of a whole range of compromises and negotiations between elite-level political actors and the military.Another friend from his days of student activism, remembered Koufodinas as a "calm, articulate young man technisches rundschreiben mwm 0199 99 2091 pdf with guts and ideological consistency." Family relatives also described Koufodinas as "somebody who never liked upsetting people." Koufodinas broke family ties in 1983, almost a year before the attempted.25 17 In 1988, corruption became the focus of attention for the group.