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World in conflict crack 1.009

world in conflict crack 1.009

Fixed a bug where Nuke medals would not register when the startup owners manual strategy guide playing as nato.
Fixed a crash related to map voting and custom maps.
Players that get disconnected during a clan match will now be able to re-connect to the match either by clicking Join Same Server on a clanmate or by clicking the Join Last Server Played button.
IM's from people not in the contact list will now be displayed in the top of the contact list.
Added time indication to replay transport.Old / Incompatible replays will no longer show up in the in-game replay list.Added ability to define your own colors in "Set Player Color".Fixed a bug where loading a save game could break AI reinforcements.Added Massgate banner.Medium Anti-Air Vehicle accuracy decreased.Fixed a bug where the stone bridge used on do_Canal and as_Hillside would move when terrain was deformed close.Activating it twice via the keyboard shortcut will no longer abort.Added an option to change camera height in "Options Controls Camera Maximum Height".

Fixed a bug that made resupplying infantry squads cost less if player switched role.
Fixed a bug that increased the loading times before map cycles.
Movement speed of Amphibious Transports increased.Heavy Anti-Air Vehicle view range and fire range increased slightly.Trimmed tank accuracy and auto acquire while moving.Fixed a clan challenge bug that caused the wrong number of members to be shown as online on the clan you challenged.Fixed a bug that caused Kick-vote to be active in clan matches.Units and balancing: - Napalm now does some burn damage over time to buildings as well as units.Medium Artillery Special Ability now has increased reload time.Improved visibility of infantry selection rings.Fixed a Reinforcement Point exploit that used unit drops and role changes to get additional Reinforcement Points.

Added the option to wait in line to join a server that is currently full in Massgate.
Massgate has released a patch that updates the German edition of World in Conflict.009.
Unit movement arrows are now more visible on the Megamap.