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Little big planet 2 user manual

little big planet 2 user manual

Dont forget to gather three bubble items behind hot rolling process pdf the spawn door in the area.
Make sure that you dont jump onto the bouncing pad as it can crush the ball you are carrying.
Before finishing off the level, change the scale by shooting at its distant end.
While standing on the same platform as the drawer, fire a crack for cardrecovery v6 00 build 1012 serial key cake to stick it to fabric object.Use them to get to some prize bubbles.You need to hit it with ball at its weak spot.You can carry 4 of them but this will make your ride heavy and slow but the advantage is that you wont have to come back again.Next, to reach the platform below, you need to attach a cake to the moving rail.Huge Peril for Huge Spaceship Your goal is to take down enemy spacecraft.You can use the firing arms to get more bubbles (they will blast the blockage for you).You can use the grapple points and launch pads to enter the giant robot and gather some prize bubbles.They will appear only after hovering in front of them.

You can deal with the enemy tank by using the grapple point at its back.
Grab the first bomb after its fall and move to the left side.
So, drop the platform across to make a way for them.
You are equipped with an extra weapon,.O.N.E.Y.
While the creature is repairing itself, make sure that you the purple rays that can damage you.You will find the hook along the path as you move right.To free the bots, you can pull on the sponge above the jumping sackbots.Again, once the weak spot is exposed, rest will be dealt by sackbots.You can tug the grapple points (using the grapple hook) with green circles on them to make a way for sackbots.Annihilate all the eyes and you are done with this level.You need to open a drawer to enter another cooperative puzzle and more item bubbles.Take care of the enemy, turn left and fire another cupcake.Start shooting them right from the start.Hold the sponge above your head to attract all the sackbots (12 of them for four bubbles) so that you can gather reward for their safety.Come back and you can shoot the robot for more bubbles.

Throw one or two of your buddies up to collect the puzzles.
Like before, you need to expose its weak spot.
Then release it to have the bubbles.