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Apexi vafc user manual

The stock ecu is still present so complex things like 4wd, traction control, abs systems etc work just as normal.
Apexi have had some financial issues 2006 bmw 325xi user manual and now there are delays with ordering models.
Tuners need to be official HKS pro tuners to get the software.There is a graphical fcon unit but I dont think its the equiv of the PFC hand controller.That is, its a generic remapper for stock ECUs.There are still plently of tuners around and still plently of workshops who support.I would not recommend it for a mild skyline but you certainly can use it, it will just cost a lot.Greddy Emanage, the Greddy Emanage is a piggyback system onto the stock ECU.You can choose inputs, outputs, engine control, batch or sequential fire, anti lag, fuel or spark cut, complete map control and 3rd dimension selection.You can support almost anything within reason, such as larger afms, bigger injectors etc and still retain factory control.

These two little brothers are like pea's in a pod.
If you disagree with any of these comments, please send me a pm on SAU or email me and let me know.
Choose the part designed for your model, and save money by installing it yourself.SO if you live in Melbourne, forget it you can't touch jack shit on the ECU.This ECU costs a fortune and is the ultimate stand alone ecu.You should, always discuss any ECU choices can you xbox 360 save games with your tuner before you even start.So let's look at some of the alternatives and how ways to crack your own upper back they compare; Greddy Emanage, hKS fcon, apexi safc sitc, motec M800.